Governing Body: Morrill City Council

Submitted by Linda Hill

City Clerk

The Morrill City Council met in regular session on Monday, March 4, with members Brad Stolzenberger, Dan Halstead, Todd Gruber and Kevin Wikle present. Mayor Roger Price presided.

Minutes and vouchers were approved.

Andrew and Ernie Edelman inquired what the city requires to demolish a building. Council informed them a permit from the State must be acquired and to submit a demolition contract to the city before demolition is started. They thanked the council and left.

Rick Snodgrass and Keturah Erdley also inquired about a house demolition. The council told them they must also get a permit from the State and submit a demolition contract before demolition is started. They also thanked the council and left.

David Frey said he is interested in filling the vacant code enforcement officer position. After discussion, council approved appointing Frey as the code enforcement officer.

Discussed was the issue with windmills being constructed in the area. No action was taken.

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