Sabetha Blood Drive collects 84 units

The Sabetha Blood Drive was held Tuesday, March 19. Eighty-four pints of blood were collected from 82 donors, four of which were first-time donors.

Twelve donors achieved gallon status at the blood drive. Those donors were Barbara Agee, two gallons; Bradley Baker, five gallons; David Hammes, two gallons; Jed Hartter, four gallons; Joshua Hartter, three gallons; Jacob Hartter, six gallons; Timmy Kellenberger, six gallons; Susan Meyer, 10 gallons; Keith Niehues, five gallons; Sarah Olson, one gallon; David Spangler, four gallons; and Trent Strahm, one gallon.

First-time donors were Loren Grimm, Wayne Grimm, Laura Nenadov and Jessalyn L. Urbanek. Double red donors included the following Gary D. Barrett, Jed W. Hartter, Joshua Hartter, Timmy W. Kellenberger, Dustin J. Millsap, William A. Roggenkamp, Sean M. Sample, David L. Spangler, Robert Steiner, Kirsten L. Steinlage and Jeffrey D. Wenger.

Other donors included: Stephen J. Aberle, Barbara Agee, Rodney L. Allen, William F. Arneson, Bradley J. Baker, Larry H. Bauerle, Rebecca L. Bauman, Dennis H. Baumgartner, Amanda Baumgartner, Samantha Boldra, Sue Ellen Brockhoff, Kevin H. Broxterman, Sharon Broxterman, Gerald Drahota, Duane A. Eilert, Adam G. Enneking, Douglas B. Fortmeyer, Barry J. Franco, Vickie J. Goodman, Elsie L. Grimm, Denise E. Hall, David Michael Hammes, Jarod Hartter, Jacob D. Hartter, James A. Hartter, David D. Hartter, Beth R. Hartter, Peggy J. Harvey, David E. Herbster, Scott Hill, William M. Kent, Ann M. Kent, David L. Kesler, Corbin Knobloch, Christine M. Krebs, Megan Krebs, Geraldine J. Lauer, Steven R. Lukert, Sandra J. Matney, Eldon D. Mellenbruch, Barry Metzger, Susan J. Meyer, Corey E. Meyer, Grant Meyer, Joyce M. Meyer, Kalynn D. Miller, David M. Mishler, Brenda Nenadov, Keith G. Niehues, Sarah M. Olson, Gregory A. Renyer, Thomas J. Robinson, Andrea M. Roggenkamp, Denise J. Rokey, Leslie D. Scoby, Richard W. Smith, Lisa Marie Snyder, Alice M. Sperfslage, Joseph D. Sperfslage, Trent D. Strahm, Wilfred R. Strahm, John E. Suhr, David Wehner, Debra Denise Wenger, Douglas W. Wertenberger, Hannah Wertenberger and Terri Wiltz.

Volunteers helping with the blood drive were Lyla Edelman, Debby Thompson, Diane Hicks, Alice Zahner, Jerre Lauer and Jan Isch.  The food sponsor was Dr. Betsy Tedman. The next drive will be held from 11 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Tuesday, May 28, at the City Hall Gym.


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