Morrill City Council 3.18.2019

Submitted by Linda Hill

The Morrill City Council met in regular session on Monday, March 18, met in regular session with members Brad Stolzenberger, Dan Halstead, Todd Gruber and Kevin Wikle present and Mayor Roger Price presiding.

Minutes and vouchers were approved.

David Frey inquired how aggressive he should be enforcing the codes. The council instructed him to separate the offenses and to be very aggressive.

The council discussed the tube on Cottonwood Avenue, finding it to be sufficient in size. The council then instructed Superintendent Lee Wymer to address the tube at Morrill Collision’s alley.

Wymer presented three bids for tires for the pickup. The council approved to purchase the tires from Riggs Automotive.

Wymer also presented bids for a mower. The matter was tabled to get more information.

Stolzenberger said he had talked with Andrew and Ernie Edelman, and said they are considering breaking the bricks and rocks from the old church demolition and selling them to reduce the cost of the demolition.

The council discussed the east side of town, which is to be chip and sealed this year.


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