Organization News: Greater Sabetha Community Foundation

Submitted by Leslie Scoby

Steve Lukert opened the April meeting of the Greater Sabetha Community Foundation with a prayer. Bill Simpson welcomed 11 board members and three ambassadors, followed by calling the meeting to order. Minutes of the February meeting and financials were reviewed and approved. Memberships to SEDC and the Chamber of Commerce were approved by a unanimous vote.

The boardsmanship minute was to review the Community Memorial Fund and how this can be used to remember a loved one and support the local community as well. Biographies are added to the Memorial Wall and can be viewed at

Executive Director Leslie Scoby reminded the group that GSCF serves the organizations and agencies by helping them raise money through donations and by helping them earn interest on the investments. These funds can then be used at the discretion of the agency when they need it. The funds are easily accessible through Donor Central for use by the nonprofits, and $500,000 is kept on hand daily with GMCF so checks can be sent out as soon as an agency sends in a request. All money donated to GSCF is a charitable gift and is directed to be used to support the nonprofits directly or any other nonprofit the donor or agency wishes to support.

The Youth Outreach will focus on a newsletter to go out to all college students beginning in August. The newsletter intent will be to encourage these young people to know what our community is doing and update them on career opportunities.

Give to Grow Day 2019 will be held on Window Opening Night and will be at the same location on Main Street as before. The committee discussed changing the date and location, but the survey showed that the majority would like to continue the tradition set.

Von Lauer, Simpson and Scoby were invited to a meeting in Holton last week to share with community leaders about a community foundation and all it offers. Holton has expressed interest in affiliation with GMCF, and many good questions were asked by their community members present. GSCF likes to share the good news with other communities and encourage involvement.

A newsletter specifically to college students is being planned. It is the goal of the Youth Outreach and Community Connection Committee to encourage young people to take a look at returning home after graduation. The newsletter will highlight what is happening in town and promote local businesses for career opportunities.

An affiliate retreat will be held this summer in Manhattan, and Simpson encouraged the board and ambassadors to consider attending.

The next meeting date at noon Tuesday, May 14, at Buzz Café.


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