Post Secondary Honors: Peru State College

More than 400 students have been awarded a Success Award to attend Peru State College. Students that qualify are guaranteed immediately upon admission a renewable tuition award worth thousands of dollars over the course of four years.

Peru State College has reworked its scholarships into a new model based on findings that high school GPA is a strong predictor of student success at Peru State College. The new Success Award model will provide more scholarships to more students attending Peru State.

Local students being honored were Cheyan Rokey of Sabetha, Chancellors Award; Ashlynn Hoesing of Sabetha, Deans Award; Trista Argabright of Sabetha, Presidents Award; Addison Huning of Morrill, Deans Award; Aubriana Gugelman of Bern, Presidents Award; Alan Simpson of Powhattan, Deans Award; Emily Crouse of Hiawatha, Deans Award; Caden Lillie of Hiawatha, Deans Award; Bethany Meyers of Hiawatha, Deans Award; and Hunter Pavlish of Hiawatha, Dean’s Award.

The Chancellors Award requires a 3.8 high school GPA and is an award for $8,000. The Deans Award requires a 3.0 high school GPA and is an award for $6,000. The Presidents Award requires a 3.4 high school GPA and is an award for $7,000.

Peru State College is still offering these awards to incoming freshmen. To qualify, students must complete an application for admission, including submission of an official high school transcript and an official ACT/SAT score.


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