4-H Club: Woodlawn Meadowlarks

Bob Baumgartner answers questions about his wooden creations.

Submitted by Gwendolyn Walker

The regular monthly meeting of the Woodlawn Meadowlarks was held on Saturday, April 13, at the Woodlawn Hall. It was the parents’ meeting, during which the parents took the rolls of the officers.

Acting President Cynthia Fehr called the meeting to order. Acting Song Leader Connie Robinson led the club in singing, “Do your ears hang low?” Acting Parliamentarian Michelle Devore led the club in playing a parliamentary game.

Club members get busy making May Day cards.

Club Leader Emily Stoller told the club that a new family forum will be held in Seneca, and to remember the add/drop project deadline of May 1. The club decided to expand the May Basket budget. The club plans to deliver May Baskets after the next meeting.

For the program, Brandi McCoy told the club about changing the grass behind the hall into a pollinators plot. Bob Baumgartner showed the club some of his wood creations.

Recreation was making cards for the May Baskets.


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