Blue Zones for cows

I heard on the radio the National Geographic story of the Blue Zones. Blue Zones are places where there are more Centenarians (people living to be 100 years or more). They’ve identified nine things about these zones that encourage long, healthy lives.

I’ve spent some time at the local sale barns lately. It’s amazing what you’ll see at the sale barn. Some of those cows have had long and productive lives, and then there are the others! I was contemplating the differences in the cows in these two groups. I think I’ve developed the “Blue Zone” for cows, how to live a long happy life!

Number 1 – Breed back, even if that bull is disgusting! You need to attract his attention and get bred at the first available opportunity. Your life depends on it!

Number 2 – From the minute you’re selected to become a replacement heifer, you need to be docile and go wherever you’re supposed to go. Even if the gate is left open, don’t go there!

Number 3 – When it’s time to have your calf, pick a good location. Stay away from the creek or pond. Deposit your calf in the safest, warmest spot you can find.

Number 4 – Protect your calf, just enough that you’re a good mother, but not enough that you scare your owner! If you’re too aggressive, you can get a one-way ticket to town.

Number 5 – Be a leader! When you see your owner drive in the pasture, lead your herd mates to the truck.

Number 6 – Keep your girlish figure! Keep yourself at a Body Condition Score 5 or 6.

If you do all of these things and don’t get sick, then you can have a long, happy life as a cow!

Jody Holthaus43 Posts

Jody Holthaus is the Meadowlark Extension District agent in the area of livestock and natural resources.

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