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125 Years
Friday, June 1, 1894

Nine car loads of fine cattle went out over the Grand Island for Chicago last Friday night. Sol. Myers had three cars, A. C. Palmer two, O.A. Crawford two Robert McNergnay and J. J. Thompson one each. The owners went along and expected to take in some of the sights before returning.

Why is the Surprise Store like a Bantam rooster? Because it fights mammoth stones and high prices and whips them every time. Why? Because it sell for spot cash – Come and See.

The Seneca News says that all of Bennett’s army were Populists save one, and he was a Frenchman. We are told that when the army left Seneca it consisted of seventy-one Populists, a Frenchman and a dog, but the dog deserted at Oneida.

The editor of the Bern Press gets off some delirious maunderings about a “female contingent” of the “Chicago Dispensary.” We can’t make out was the poor boy is trying to say, but he must be in a bad fix and we’re sorry from him.

100 Years
Thursday, May 29, 1919

Notice. To car owners and drivers: In order to safeguard the public we will have to ask you to observe the traffic rules as per ordinance. On approaching an intersection you will give one distinct sound with horn to go straight ahead and two to turn to the right and three to the left. In so doing you will not only protect your own family but others as well. Please observe this ordinance. W. E. Felmlee, City Marshal. 31-2.

H. B. Burgett has moved from his farm near town and is now in the Faragher house in Sabetha, and is able to give his entire attention to the Burgett investment business. His new office sure is doing a fine lot of business, as revealed in an item elsewhere in The Herald giving some of the deals recently made.

Your old roosters are losing you money every day. Get rid of them. They are eating feed that would make you money fed to young chickens. Old roosters make eggs fertile and they spoil this kind of weather. Make next week old rooster week. Take all the roosters to the Marysville Poultry house at Sabetha. They will pay market price.

Albert T. Reid is doing some mighty funny and fine cartoons here of late. One particularly good one was Uncle Sam sewing a service stripe on the sleeve of Woodrow Wilson, who he said, has been in Europe almost long enough for one. Mr. Reid is also editor of the Leavenworth Post.

75 Years
Wednesday, May 31, 1944

Four of the five soldier sons of Mrs. Rose Shump are home on furlough from the armed forces. Carl, Raphael and Frank are home with the former Battery D boys from the Aleutians. They have been in the northern outpost for 21 months. Gus is home from Camp Blanding, Fla., on a 10-day furlough. Gus has ten days at home plus six days travel time. Henry Shump, the other brother in the service, is trying to arrange a furlough to come home. He has not seen Carl, Frank or Raphael for eight years. The Shumps at home are afraid that Hank won’t get the furlough, but are hoping the Red Cross can pull enough strings to bring him home. Henry expects to receive overseas orders soon.

The Laredo, Tex., Army Air Field Public Relations reports that Cpl. William T. Perkins, Jr. son of William Perkins, Sr., of Bern, was graduated last week from flexible gunnery school in Laredo and is not qualified to take his place a member of a bomber combat crew. He received his gunner’s wings and a promotion in grade at brief exercises at Laredo, says the release. Besides learning to fire every type of weapon from camera guns to the deadly calibre .50 Brownings, he studied turret manipulation, aircraft identification, stripping and reassembling of machine guns while blindfolded and climaxed the course by air firing on towed targets. A photograph of Perkins appears on The Herald bulletin board.

The portable equipment for obtaining blood plasma for the blood bank will not come to Nemaha county, Mrs. Almeda Deaver, local Red Cross chairman, has announced. Local personal who have signed up to become blood donors should go to Hiawatha next Monday or Tuesday for this purpose, as the equipment will be there on these two days. Many are planning to respond, and arrangements for transportation are being made.

A story elsewhere in this week’s Herald tells of data being secured by W. R. Popkess for the Sabetha Chamber of Commerce with a view to giving information for a prospective air line through Sabetha. Ivan Roberts, C. of C. president, stresses the importance of all Sabetha business men having at hand information about their volume of business and transportation requirements as of 1939, and other similar material so that Mr. Popkess may obtain the information as early as possible. The material is desired by the Continental Airlines, Inc., within a few days.

50 Years
Tuesday, June 3, 1969

Bill Deaver, manager and co-parter with Bernard Wiltz in the Sabetha Seed House, announced this week plans to expand the building of the seed plant on east Oregon Street in Sabetha. The steel structure is less than a year old but plans call for a 48 foot addition to the south end to be used for additional storage space for supplies and equipment. This new addition will result in a building over 200 feet long for the seed house.

Swimming lessons for the summer will be offered in two five-week sessions at the Sycamore Springs pool. All classes will meet five days a week with Junior and Senior Lifesaving classes meeting only on Monday, Wednesday and Friday for both sessions.

Swine herds in which hog cholera is diagnosed and confirmed in the laboratory, will be depopulated and indemnity will be paid on the swine destroyed. Swine brought into the state not in compliance with the Kansas import regulations, will not be eligible for indemnity. Please call the local veterinarian promptly, when you have any suspicious cases or symptoms of hog cholera. It is important that we are advised promptly since only the swine which are alive at the time an investigation is made by a regulatory veterinarian will be eligible for indemnity.

25 Years
Wednesday, June 1, 1994

Call it the day or simply bad luck, but city leaders received some disheartening news on Friday, May 13. While attending a meeting in Topeka conducted by the League of Municipalities, Sabetha City Administrator Ted Hayden was informed by the Kansas Department of Health and Environment that the city will be in violation of a revision in Kansas quality water standards specifically involving ammonia. Hayden was told that the Sabetha waste water treatment plant, currently located at 822 Oregon St., will not meet with new standards in its ejection of the chemical.

Elmer and Viola Jacobs, Goodland, announce the engagement of their daughter, Debra K. Jacobs, Sabetha, to Douglas A. Garber, son of Allen and Rose Mary Garber, Sabetha. The bride-to-be graduated from Marymount College with a bachelor’s degree. She teaches school in USD 441, Sabetha. The prospective groom farms near Sabetha. The wedding is planned for 4 p.m. July 30 at Goodland.

State Champions in track are Betsy Droge, Bern, 1A discus; Mark Prestwood, Sabetha, 4A 400m dash; Runners-up: Matt Renyer, Sabetha, 4A shotput; Ben Droge, Bern, 1A discus; Third-place finishers: Brent Stones, Sabetha, 4A discus; Karie Stimac, Wetmore, 1A 400m dash; Fourth-place finishers: Sabetha girls 4x400m relay team, 4A; Benji Wertenberger, Sabetha, 4A javelin; Sabetha girls 4x800m relay team; fifth-place finishers: Beth Saylor, Sabetha 4A 400m dash; Sixth-place finishers: Karie Stimac, Wetmore, 1A long jump and 1A 200m dash; Ben Droge, Bern, 1A 100m dash.

Alex Wenger, son of Dr. and Mrs. Gregg Wenger, Sabetha, has qualified for state recognition in the Duke University Talent Identification Program (TIP). The purpose of the TIP program is to identify outstanding students among 7th graders and to nurture their talent throughout middle and high school. Alex received high scores on the American College Testing Program’s ACT Assessment to receive this award.

10 Years
Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office dive team came to Sabetha at about 10 a.m. Thursday, May 28, to retrieve a 2008 Kia that was accidentally driven into the Old Sabetha Lake on April 26. The Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office brought a boat, with two navigators and two divers to retrieve the car. The car was retrieved in the south cove of the lake. McGuire Towing Service pulled the vehicle out of the lake after the divers secured the tow line to the vehicle.

Seth Hartter and Christie Locher, both of Sabetha, received their degrees as Doctors of Veterinary Medicine in a ceremony Friday, May 15, at Kansas State University’s College of Veterinary Medicine.

The 114th annual Sabetha High School Alumni Banquet was held at 6:30 p.m. Saturday, May 23, in the SHS commons room. School lunch personnel served supper to 312 alumni and friends.

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