Letter to the Editor: Calling all alumni

Calling all alumni

Dear Editor,

Every year as the alumni banquet rolls around, for some reason I’m always on the fence as to whether or not to go. Always seems to be something going on. This year was no different, but two of my daughters, Nicole and Alena, reminded me that I always have a great time and that I needed to go. So Nicole and I showed up, even though we were the last ones there. Once again, I was glad I went.

This editorial is to encourage all alumni to attend next year’s alumni reunion, even if it’s not your special year. We all know people from other years because of activities and events.

The older you get, the more it means to see people from your past. Some alumni travel many miles and take time out of their busy schedules to come see old friends, while people close by don’t make the effort to come. It’s like we locals are “hosts” to help make the evening enjoyable and worthwhile for those who do travel longer distances. I know for me it’s better to make a long drive home when I can relive fun memories with friends. My wife Ginny always reminds me that, “Life is about people, not things.”

For years I was one of the people that hardly ever went to the reunion. But the year I finally went, it was Nicole’s first alumni reunion. David Spring, class of 1969, was there, and he said something to me I’ll always remember. He commented that he drove seven and a half hours from Minnesota to get there, but there are people who live 10 minutes away who don’t show up. That was five years ago. I’ve gone ever since and always have had a great time.

I appreciate Tim and Deb Wenger renting The Main Event/Armory and providing refreshments for everyone after the banquet. It’s good to sit, relax and visit with everyone, not just classmates.

Next year I challenge all alumni — near and far — to get out of their comfort zone and come to one very special evening of alumni festivities. You’ll be glad you did.

David Pfrang, Class of 1970

Rural Goff

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