Morrill City Council 6.3.19

Submitted by Linda Hill, City Clerk

The Morrill City Council met in regular session on Monday, June 3, with members Brad Stolzenberger, Todd Gruber, Kevin Wikle and Dan Halstead present. Mayor Roger Price presided.

Minutes and vouchers were approved.

Jack Barnes stated he has been having sewage back up in his basement and would like the city to look at it. It was decided to have the City of Sabetha bring their sewer machine over to clean and camera the sewer main in front of Barnes’ house.

Paul Reynolds from Brown County Rural Water District No. 1 asked if the city would be interested in renewing the contract to purchase water from their system as an emergency backup. Reynolds said the contract had expired. RWD No. 1 is going to make repairs to the pump. The city would be responsible for providing the electricity and would be limited to the number of gallons used and amount of pressure. It was decided to send a city representative to a RWD No. 1 meeting.

Randy Lawson asked if the city would cut a tree that has grown into the power lines at the house he had recently purchased. Council said Superintendent Lee Wymer can cut the tree.

Council voted to not approve a building permit.

Concerning two areas of new construction, it was found the individuals had not acquired building permits. It was decided to have the code enforcement officer talk to them to submit a building a permit.

Wymer said he has a pole that needs replaced but has no poles. It was decided he should get several poles where they would be the cheapest.

After discussion of the new water service connection at the old bank, it was decided to send the owner a notice the connection has been made and the amount owed — giving 30 days to pay the bill.


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