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125 Years

Friday, July 6, 1894

Ed Slosson umpired the game, and while there was some grumbling about his decisions both sides soon perceived that he was entirely unprejudiced and the game went along smoothly. The attendance was very large, the race track grand stand being filled and the crowd extending around to the outer corners of the diamond. There were probably two thousand people in attendance. The ladies and children went in free and the press at the gate was so great that the keepers could not attend to it properly, and many sifted in without paying. Notwithstanding this the receipts were $105, the price charged being fifteen cents.

Fred Benson’s Sabetha friends will be pleased to hear of his promotion. After serving the B. & M. railroad company at a small station in South Dakota for over a year, they have seen fit to give him work at Sheridan, Wyoming, as telegraph operator. This is over 200 miles northwest of his old location. Fred writes that he is well pleased with the change, as it gives him a material increase of salary, and is a more desirable position from numerous other standpoints.

We want to say that Sabetha feels highly honored and under lasting obligations for the size and character of the delegations from Pawnee and Troy. If we succeeded in according our visitors such treatment as they deserved we shall consider that we have done more than well.

The Pawnee band covered itself with glory. They did a whole lot of playing and won golder opinions from everybody. If Sabetha ever again hires a band from outside, Pawnee will have the call by a large majority.

100 Years

Thursday, July 3, 1919

Mrs. Maude Sable is making a very pretty home of the little cottage she bought of Miss Mattie Stitt. The house has been raised four feet, modern improvements put in and a basement completed. A room to the south has been added and a sun room, or enclosed porch, added to the west. It will be more attractive when completed.

There is a feeling of tense, nervous excitement over Sabetha and surrounding country this week. A wonderful wheat crop is being gotten into the shock. Some of the wheat is cut. Much of it will be cut before the close of this week. Men are working night and day to get the wheat safe from storms. It is a great week and if nothing unforseen happens it will be a historic week for wheat in this section.

The pump north of the Grant Island tracks is out of commission. It is the best pump the city has and that is why the water has been so low. There is plenty of water in the well but it cannot be gotten out. The entire casing caved in and a new well will have to be drilled probably. It is doubtful whether we will have very much water for some time on account of this.

Two expert dressmakers from Manhattan, Kas., will be here next Monday to demonstrate to the ladies the making of dress forms. We understand that they will make a form for anyone who desires one. The demonstrations will be given in the E. A. church basement.

75 Years

Wednesday, July 5, 1944

Mrs. Edna Rucker received a V-mail letter from her husband, Capt. Martin Rucker, that arrived in Sabetha just seven days after it was sent from what was then the Normandy beachhead. Presumably Dr. Rucker is with a field hospital on the Normandy peninsula, though of course it was impossible for him to say. Mrs. Rucker received a letter from Capt. Rucker written on June 7, D-day, which did not make quite such good time, but apparently mail service from France is being kept on a remarkably good schedule.

A Ninth Troop Carrier Command Base, European Theater of Operations, July 3 – Captain Eugene D. Ewing, holder of the Air Medal for meritorious service as a troop carrier pilot during the invasion of Sicily and Italy, led his unit  in the first mission in the world’s greatest tactical maneuver, the Allied invasion of Europe. Capt. Ewing is the husband of the former Miss Miriam Maurer of Falls City.

Pfc. Ralph H. Trompeter, with an infantry division in Italy, writes home folks of their experiences in Rome. He was in the group of American soldiers which was given an audience by the Pope, and also visited the Vatican. Ralph is sending some souvenirs from Italy, where he has been stationed for several months. – Dawson Herald.

In a letter to his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Louis Meyer, Staff Sgt. Earl Meyer writes from England: “Have just been released from the hospital. Met with a little accident in France and was returned to a hospital in England. Am ready to go back again. Feeling fine.”

50 Years

Tuesday, July 15, 1969

Cheryl Ackerman, a senior in Sabetha and State FHA treasurer, will be among the 2,000 delegates to the 1969 national meeting of the Future Homemakers of America July 14-17 on the Colorado State University campus. Cheryl is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. George Ackerman of Rt. 1, Sabetha. She will join 32 other FHA’ers who will represent Kansas at the meeting. Cheryl will sing in the National Chorus with two of the other state officers from Kansas.

Keith Oakley, manager of the Farmers Cooperative Elevator, reports that the wheat harvest in the area is now 75 percent completed and he expects the majority of the work to be finished in the next couple of days. Several factors, including the weather, have combined to make this less than a bumper wheat crop year, Mr. Oakley said. The abundance of late spring rains and especially just as the grain was ripening hurt some, also there was considerable soil borne mosaic in carried over wheat ground. This reportedly cut deeply into yields in some fields. Another big factor was the fact that wheat acreage was cut down again this year.

A collision Sunday morning was of cars driven by Albert Zabel of Wetmore and Leo Meyer, Fairview. The accident was on the Fidelity road, at an intersection two miles south of 36 highway. It was not believed there were any serious injuries.

25 Years

July 6, 1994

Sabetha area residents witnessed Mother Nature’s fireworks Friday evening as lightning and winds gusting up to 100 miles-per-hour belted the region. According to Ted Hayden, Sabetha city administrator, several power lines were knocked down north of town. However, the bulk of the damage was reported south and west of Sabetha as four power line poles were knocked to the ground and one power transformer was destroyed.

Cita likes drugs. And she’s not picky, she enjoys marijuana, cocaine, heroin, amphetamines, even opium. But then that’s ok. Cita, a two-year-old Belin Malinois, is a drug dog that was recently purchased by the Nemaha County Sheriff’s office to aid in its drug investigations and education efforts.

A stroll through Wilfrid and Ann Christman’s Sabetha home is like a jaunt back through time. Ambling through the rooms and hallways, you see 19th century hats, intricately woven with horse hair on crafted from a beaver’s pelt. If you scuff your shin on the side of a bed, you’ll be surprised that the solid mahogany post doesn’t give an inch. It is a far cry from the Formica-wrapped, particle board decor of today. The Christmans love antiques, and feeding their passion is Wilfrid’s talent for refinishing antique furniture.

A memorial flag pole, located at the corner of Main and Washington Streets, was dedicated on July 4 to M.F. Mock and John A. Mock by their family. Combined, the two men contributed over 100 years of service to the Sabetha community and the Farmers State Bank.

10 Years

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The Farmers Cooperative Elevator has sold its Ampride, Cenex and Subway Convenience Store in Sabetha to Berwick Cooperative Oil Company, effective Aug. 1.

Kerry and Cindy Jackson of Lincoln, Kan., and Greg and Carol Renyer of Sabetha announce the engagement of their children, Carla Jean and Geoffry Allen. Carla is a 2004 graduate of Lincoln Jr/Sr High School. She is currently employed at the Ellsworth County Medical Center working in the Health Information Department. Geoffry is a 2004 graduate of Sabetha High School. He is currently employed at USC, LLC in Sabetha. Carla is the granddaughter of Betty Kepka of Ellsworth and the late Leo Kepka, and Virginia Jackson of Lincoln, and H.D. Jackson of Rosehill. Geoffry is the grandson of George and Cleta Renyer of Seneca, and the late Joseph and Lila Rokey of Sabetha. The couple is planning a wedding at St. Patrick’s Catholic Church in Lincoln on Aug. 22.

Though he didn’t join 4-H as an 8-year-old like many 4-H members do, Daniel Shaver has learned many life skills in his six years in 4-H. The son of Paul and Ruth Shaver of Sabetha, Daniel became interested in 4-H when a friend of his sister Cesali invited Cesali to join 4-H. Thinking it sounded like a good program, Daniel followed his younger sister into the Fairview Willing Workers 4-H Club, which now has 23 members.

CAPS is planning a pet parade for the evening of Friday, July 17, just before the rodeo parade. The kids’ bicycle parade will begin at 6 p.m., followed by the pet parade. The rodeo parade will begin at 6:30 p.m. Anyone who would like to participate in the pet parade should register at the Bern-Sabetha Veterinary Clinic during regular office hours.

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