Morrill City Council 7.1.19

Submitted by Linda Hill, City Clerk

The Morrill City Council met in regular session on Monday, July 1, with members Dan Halstead, Todd Gruber and Kevin Wikle present and Mayor Roger Price presiding.

Minutes were approved. Vouchers were approved, with the decision to hold one check to get clarification of it.

Council members approved waiving the late fee on an individual’s utility bill.

Levi Grimm stated he is building a home on Highway 246 and would like to hook up to city water. Council approved Grimm to make the connection. The building permit was waived.

Superintendent Lee Wymer stated he had received one bid for $25,000 to replace the sewer main over the creek. Wikle had another individual place a bid for $2,500. It was decided to accept the lower bid. It was decided to get information to replace the sewer main the rest of the way to the road to put in next year’s budget.

Mayor Price had been approached by the Morrill Township asking if they could put trees that they are going to be trimming in the city’s tree dump if needed. It was decided they can.

The clerk stated she had received the bill for a house demolition. It was decided not to issue the reimbursement check until the property is totally cleaned up.

No interest was made concerning becoming a member of Mo-Kan Regional Council.

It was decided to accept the proposed changes in the KMEA bylaws.


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