Sheriff’s Office seeks public assistance

Submitted by Brown County Sheriff’s Office

The Brown County Sheriff’s office is requesting the public’s assistance for any information regarding several burglaries that have occurred in the county. Property owners have reported that guns have been stolen at two separate residences in Brown County on two separate dates. In speaking with other law enforcement agencies, this is becoming more common, especially in rural areas where people leave the residence to go to work or are not always on the property.

BCSO is asking that if anyone has purchased a firearm from an individual or has been asked to “hang on” to a firearm for someone within the last several months, bring the firearm to the BCSO so they can assess if it has been stolen.

Brown County Sheriff John Merchant would like to point out that anyone who knowingly possesses a stolen firearm and chooses not to comply, can and will be charged with a felony crime.

“We have reason to believe that there are local ties to these crimes and several have been sold locally as we are currently gathering more information daily. I appreciate the cooperation from the public and the information we have received so far,” Merchant said.

The following is a partial list of firearms that have been stolen, if you know anything about them, notify us at once or come to the Sheriff’s office.

• Winchester Model 42 .410 Pump

• Winchester Model 190 .22

• Browning Sweet 16 Vent Rib Shotgun

• Ruger M77 25-06

• Henry Lever Action .17 Caliber

• Ruger .223 Walnut Stock W/Scope

• Winchester 30-06 Featherweight

• Winchester 12 Gauge Automatic

• Lc Smith 12 Gauge Double Barrel

• Ruger Single Six .22 Mag Pistol

• Weatherby .20 Gauge Over And Under

• Remington 700 Sps .308

• Remington 1100 .20 Gauge

Merchant said other surrounding law enforcement entities have advised there is a significant increase in burglaries and thefts and they have been sharing information.

If anyone has bought other items from an individual or individuals such as tools, chain saws, reloading equipment, please let the Brown County Sheriff’s Office know.

“We are networking with other agencies and are sharing information in hopes to solve a number of these crimes,” Merchant said. “We are asking that our county residents do everything possible to protect yourselves against these very unscrupulous thieves”

Merchant said to report any suspicious vehicles or people no matter what the time. Use game cameras or RING doorbell devices to keep your place monitored. If WIFI is a problem, there are game cameras available that you can access from your computer.

Trusted neighbors, family or friends are very valuable as they can keep watch on each others property and notify if suspicious activity is noted.

“The public is our eyes and ears, please let us know if you notice things out of place or hear of anything that could be informational,” Merchant said.

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