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Dustin Ronnebaum

After opening in September 2018, Sabetha’s own Brick Street Furniture Co. + Wine Lounge will celebrate their one-year anniversary with a fall open house this weekend.

Wine, full bar, food, baked goods, home decor and furniture all rolled into one business was a bold concept, but the two minds behind the project – owner Dustin Ronnebaum and founder Tanya Ronnebaum – said that is exactly what was needed to create Brick Street Furniture Co. + Wine Lounge.

“We just wanted a unique experience,” D. Ronnebaum said. “We wanted to provide our customers with a unique shopping and dining experience that appeals to everyone. From grilled cheese for the kids, dirty martinis, bourbon flights, custom furniture and home decor, Brick Street offers an array of items and services that anyone can enjoy.”

According to D. Ronnebaum, Brick Street all started with the idea of owning a furniture and home decor business.

“We wanted to be in the home decor and furniture business, but we felt like it needed something more, so we added wine. Once we added wine, it became a full bar. Once we had a full bar, we had to have food, including Sweet Rosie’s Bakery. Everything came full circle,” he said.

Brick Street opened in September 2018, and since then, the overall idea for the business has stayed the same; however, certain aspects of the business have been tweaked to fit the needs of the area.

“Over the past year, we have discovered that people want really good food,” D. Ronnebaum said. “So we added a dinner menu to the lounge, and we started focusing on gift-type items in the store that range in prices.”

While the business has changed some over the past year, D. Ronnebaum said the goal of the business has always been the same.

“We want to provide our customers with a unique experience, excellent customer service, quality products and timely service,” he said. “We have come a long ways in improving all of these parts since the first day we opened.”

Along with the unique experience, Brick Street also has unique items for sale and to enjoy. D. Ronnebaum said that while most people know everything Brick Street has to offer, there are a few things they might not know.

“Our furniture can be custom ordered,” he said. “Also, everything is for sale, including the light fixtures – which are fully customizable – and the tables can be purchased. We also offer unique entertainment, and we were the first establishment in Kansas to have self-serve wine.”

He continued by saying the self-serve wine “enhances” the customer experience.

“We wanted to offer self-serve wine machines to enhance the customer experience, so they are able to get a fresh glass of wine with every pour,” D. Ronnebaum said.

As D. Ronnebaum looks toward Brick Street’s future, he said he definitely wants an outdoor patio. However, while many ideas have crossed his mind about things to offer the area, there is nothing concrete yet.

Sweet Rosie’s

Brick Street also features local baker Rosie Strahm, who owns Sweet Rosie’s.

“We brought in Rosie to make our experience come full circle,” D. Ronnebaum said.

Strahm agreed, saying her hope was that she would be in a place where people were not only coming in just for her, but for other things.

“It’s been what I had hoped for,” Strahm said. “I have increased customers reaching out to me and being able to find me in a central location instead of coming to my house.”

The two businesses have merged well, offering the community a wide variety of services.

“I heard a lady say recently when she came in to buy something from the store and said, ‘when I came in the other day to pick up some cookies, I saw this but didn’t have time, so I knew I would be back.’ That is kind of what we hoped, to feed off each other,” Strahm said.

The businesses plan to continue to work together this fall by serving cinnamon rolls with chili and bread bowls for soup.

Fall open house

Brick Street’s fall open house will be held Thursday, Sept. 5, through Saturday, Sept. 7. The weekend will feature shopping in the store from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. each day; lunch from 11 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. each day; and the dinner menu will be offered from 5-9 p.m. each day.

To round off the weekend, Tim Strathman will be performing live entertainment Saturday, from 9 p.m. to midnight.

About Brick Street

Brick Street is located at 114 N. 11th Street in Sabetha. They can be reached at 783-300-1720. Brick Street can be found on Facebook and Instagram.

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