Sabetha KAY Club Community Drive-in Movie Night to be held Saturday

Submitted by Athena Walker and Jaidyn Koehler

On Saturday, Oct. 12, Sabetha High School Kansas Association for Youth (KAY) Club will be hosting a Drive-In Movie Night. The event will take place in the SHS parking lot located at 1011 Bluejay Boulevard.

The parking lot will open at 5:30 p.m., with the movie starting at 8 p.m.

There will be a meal deal by the Booster Club, concessions, and other items available throughout the night. Details can be found on the district website at

This event has been in the making for a very long time. KAY vice president, Samantha Gutknecht dreamed up this event in April 2019. The club was unable to do it then, due to insufficient funds and lack of sufficient planning time. So the KAY Board members decided to plan it for this October instead.

“This has been my dream since I joined KAY Club and became a member of the KAY Board,” Gutknecht said.

With the planning process underway, an email was sent out to KAY Club members to gather a committee to help plan the evening. With Gutknecht as the overall chair, committee members each selected a specific part of the planning process to ensure that no detail was left out. Committee chairs who volunteered were Abigail Lawson, Athena Walker, GracieAnn Glaspie, Hannah Wertenberger, Haylee Kramer, Jessica Gruber, Jaidyn Koehler, Madelyn Wehner and Mikenna Haverkamp.

KAY club invited other school clubs to host a booth at the event. Working with these clubs gives each club the opportunity to raise funds. In addition, the  KAY Club then provides a variety of vendors at their event.

Lawson and Wertenberger decided to co-chair this aspect of the event. They made contact with the clubs to see which were interested and determined what each club wanted to do. Then, they communicated details that were necessary.

Kramer and Wehner chose to co-chair the overall set-up for the night. Their job consists of preparing the parking lot for the event: they must ensure that parking is clear, provide materials necessary for the booths, and plan a concise layout.

Since setting up is such a large task, Kramer and Wehner also needed to recruit KAY club members to assist them the night of the drive-in.

Glaspie is the chair for parking attendants. To ensure that parking for the event goes smoothly, she was given the task of organizing volunteers to work shifts. These volunteers will direct movie-goers to their designated parking and ensure that it is done safely.

Walker and Koehler are the co-chairs of publicity. Their overall job was to get the word out about this event. The tasks which were necessary for this included creating and hanging flyers and sharing the information via social media and word of mouth. These tasks were large, so they also required assistance from the members of KAY.

This assistance came from dedicated members such as Karrington Robinson. When Robinson heard that the committee was searching for someone to create a flyer, she volunteered to make one with her mom.

“I was happy to volunteer my mom to help, and when she agreed, I was excited!” Robinson said.

They worked hard and drew up an amazing flyer to give to the committee.

The planning process has been a success so far, and all of the committee members are excited to see all of their hard work pay off at the drive-in movie on Saturday, October 12.

Questions can be directed to Kristina Castillo, KAY Club sponsor, at or 284-2155.

Plan to join KAY Club as they host the Community Drive-In Movie Night!


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