Broxterman says Thank You

I want to thank the Sabetha hospital staff for the care given to me at the time of my heart attack and to Doctor Wenger for sending me to Stormont…

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Letter to the Editor: Why is meaningful feedback not welcome?

As of last Monday, county commissioners do not intend to allow for public review of the agreements with NextEra, even after the county’s hired attorney, Mr. Neeld, stated earlier in…

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Keep your spice rack on track for fall flavors

Have the cooler temperatures and turning leaves got you thinking of flavors like pumpkin spice or apple cinnamon? For many, fall means comfort foods and incorporating spicy autumn flavors into…

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Be generous, be engaged, be committed

For three years, the Greater Sabetha Community Foundation (GSCF) has collected $400,301 during their annual Give to Grow Match Day. That’s a lot of giving! On Friday, Nov. 29, GSCF…

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Fall anhydrous application tips

If 2019 showed us anything, it’s that a season can be even more unpredictable than we ever could have predicted. Nutrient management programs – for Nitrogen in particular – faced…

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Fatigue and weakness

The thrill of the hunt can continue at the dinner table if the game isn’t handled properly beforehand. Before you can prepare the animal, you need catch the animal. When…

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The foe that won’t quit

The Sheep and Goat Workshop had to be rescheduled to 7 p.m. Wednesday, Dec. 11, at the NE Kansas Heritage Complex. Sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused. Summertime…

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Minister Speaks: The fruits of faith through the means of grace

Sometime back, as I was preparing to pay for some items at the counter of a convenience store, I met a man who came in to pay for gas and…

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Erma Wenger says ‘thank you’

Thank you! I would like to thank the Sabetha Community Hospital and their excellent staff for the wonderful care during my recent hospital stay. Feeling blessed to have such a…

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Oh no, she’s open!

Once in a while, you hear through the grapevine that someone’s cow herd had an unusually high number of open cows. Recently, I learned of a new producer with 100…

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Should you pay off the mortgage?

Some people hate debt. They hate it with a passion. They don’t like it hanging over their head or weighing them down. They can’t wait to be debt-free. Many times,…

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What to do with tree leaves

This past week’s cold weather was the last straw for most tree leaves, I’m afraid. That means they are about to end up in your gutter as well as covering…

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True or false about treating tough stains

“While it’s always recommended to treat clothing stains as quickly as possible, some stains are just so tough — grass, ink, blood, grease, etc. — that it’s even more important…

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Fall colors on leaves

Part of the allure of fall foliage is color variation. There are trees that turn red, purple, yellow, orange and brown. Specific plant pigments determine individual colors. Foliage derives its…

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Minister Speaks: Testing our phrases

“You can trust God.” “Jesus never fails.” “God works all things out for our good.” “God answers prayers.” These are all sayings most of us grew up with. They are…

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