Changing the world, one rock at a time

“When I was a young man, I wanted to change the world. I found it was difficult to change the world, so I tried to change my nation. When I…

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Abraham’s non-baptism

In a Herald article written several weeks ago, the statement that Abraham did not need to be baptized for salvation was made. It was a statement that brings to the…

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Effective communication as we head back to school

The excitement that students have as they begin a new school year is contagious. Yes, even those high school students act like they are not excited, but it is mostly…

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Sabetha Chamber says thank you

We would like to thank the following individuals and businesses for their help with Old Time Saturday Night: City of Sabetha Crew for setting up for OTSN Kenny & Cindy…

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Know your enemy – pick your battle

This is true for life in general, but today we’re talking about flies on livestock. I’ve been at war with the flies around our farmstead. I’ve purchased four different sticky…

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Fall demonstration plot tour

If you look at the Kansas State University Farm Management budgets, the portion devoted to weed control comes in at around 15 percent in corn budgets and almost 22 percent…

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Helping children cope with tragedy

Natural disasters, family changes such as divorce, death, serious injury, or community violence can be traumatic for both children and adults. Everyone needs time to process traumatic events. Children often…

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Back to school safety

I would like to remind everyone about extra precautions and safety now that the school year is starting. Whether you are walking or driving to school, put your phone down….

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Word of Truth brings change

Dear friends in Christ, excuse me for a second while I open my web page and look at a few of the headlines. First, I notice a woman testified that…

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Letter to the Editor: Sabetha resident appreciates small town living

Dear Editor, I am so appreciative to the city for fixing Oregon Street so it is smooth to drive again. I am so appreciative to the kids that painted the…

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The art of the deal

I have been reading through the Old Testament lately, and I am strongly reminded that the deal that God had with Israel is not the same deal He offers us…

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Fertilize strawberries

An August application of nitrogen on spring-bearing strawberries is important in order to increase the number of strawberries produced next spring. Plenty of daylight and warm temperatures during June, July…

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Taking the lead

In a relationship, usually one person takes the lead. It could be on the dance floor, in the kitchen, or in social situations. Taking the lead is particularly common when…

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Aquatic weed management

One of the quickest ways to reduce the enjoyment level of your pond is to let it get covered in vegetation. Unfortunately, our weed pressures are such that this is…

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Why is low carb better than low fat for health and weight loss?

Anyone remember their first exposure to “nutritional education?” Chances are, if you’re like me, you first learned how to “eat healthy” from some version of the “food pyramid.” This traditional…

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