Wild Times: It must be turkey season

A couple of mornings ago, I was on my way to town and all of a sudden it hit me that turkey season will begin on Wednesday, April 18. By…

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Opinion: Critical thinking

By John Schlageck Kansas Farm Bureau Lack of understanding and critical thinking on the part of some in the environmental movement has compromised their effectiveness as self-appointed protector and guardian…

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District accreditation

In education, accreditation is the process by which schools are recognized as having achieved established standards. For USD No. 113, maintaining our accreditation is extremely important. This is the standard…

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Let’s get fired up

An authentic surge of motivation will change your life immediately. The best part of my day is seeing clients just like you achieve amazing results. Whether you drop a few…

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Perspective from a father and a police officer

Submitted by Mickey Gruber Hiawatha Police Officer I am a father of three beautiful, intelligent, hard-working daughters with two of them being teenagers. The youngest daughter is currently in middle…

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Minister Speaks: Good Shepherd Sunday

I am Fr. Arul Carasala, serving as administrator for Sacred Heart Catholic Church of Sabetha, St. James Catholic Church of Wetmore and St. Augustine Catholic Church of Fidelity and continuing as…

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In honor of Earth Day, cattle are upcyclers

Cattle are upcyclers! Cattle have a unique four-chambered stomach, the largest chamber being the rumen, which helps them get the nutrients they need from parts of fruit and vegetable plants…

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Flowers in the lawn

Flowers belong in beds, or planters, or pots. They don’t belong in turf grass stands. Unfortunately, many of our early season broadleaf weeds like to “show off” this time of…

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Cooking healthy meals under pressure program coming to you

Were you one of the lucky ones who received an electric pressure cooker for a gift? Or do you have one, but are afraid to use it? Or you have…

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The Power of Purple

The more color you put on your plate, the better – especially when it is purple. Foods with a rich hue, such as blueberries, grapes, purple cabbage, or eggplant may…

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Strawberries, apple trees

Spring-bearing strawberry plants that were set out this spring should have blossoms pinched off. New plants have a limited amount of energy. If blossoms remain on the plants, energy that…

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Letter to the Editor: Do not raise my taxes

Dear Editor, You have to be very skeptical when someone writes in the Topeka Capital Journal, “Please, I beg you, raise my taxes.” I say, “Please, I beg you, do…

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The only trend that matters

Do you keep up with new trends in the world of fitness? There always seems to be a headline proclaiming the latest and greatest trend, each promising to be the…

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Should the Bible be in our public schools?

My constituents, along with others from as far away as Nova Scotia, have weighed in on my comments on the last day of the regular session of the 2018 legislative…

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Does weather affect turkey hunting?

One of the most anticipated hunting seasons of the year is about to descend upon us. Years ago, I would have never in my wildest dreams thought that a turkey…

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