Winding up or winding down?

About this time of year, I typically get asked, “Is the school year winding down?” That is a reasonable question. My response isn’t as reasonable. The response is that the…

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Something to be said!

There just might be something to the 90 days after a fog, you can expect rain! My husband is a true believer in this. It’s a good thing he doesn’t…

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Pest control on fruit trees

For fruit growers, the joy of harvesting a crop that is made into pies, cobblers and any number of other delicious fruit based foods typically doesn’t come without some effort….

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Wild Times: Aim a little low, Part II

We began the slow ascent on the mountain. It was a gorgeous day and there was no hurry. It was a good thing because my legs just did not have…

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Minister Speaks: God’s grace

Many of you have probably heard the old song by John Newton, “Amazing Grace! How Sweet the Sound, that saved a wretch like me! I once was lost, but now…

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Help for new vegetable gardeners

Kansans that are new to vegetable gardening often don’t know how much of each crop to plant. K-State Research and Extension has a publication that can help. The “Vegetable Garden…

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Green pastures are here

Finally, we are seeing green pastures. It’s always reassuring that the world will go on after a dreary winter. Our livestock are starting to act goofy, and if not for…

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Climb toward better health

Have you climbed a flight of stairs lately? This can be humbling, even for those who walk and exercise regularly. If you are panting after climbing a flight or two…

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Sheriff Merchant: Scams

We have had reports of several more scams circulating our area, and I would like to inform residents to be cautious when speaking with people over the phone or through…

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Mole control

Now that mowing season has begun, you’ll likely start to notice meandering paths of upheaved soil that makes the mower ride a little rougher. Moles. While they tend to spend…

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Make healthier grilled cheeses

Who doesn’t love a great grilled cheese sandwich? Grilled cheese seems like the perfect food. It’s easy to make, has few ingredients and sports a crispy crust and a warm,…

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Strawberries, Apple Tree Sprays

Spring-bearing strawberry plants that were set out this spring should have blossoms pinched off. New plants have a limited amount of energy. If blossoms remain on the plants, energy that…

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Police Chief: Take advantage of the Citywide Clean-Up

Sabetha Citywide Clean-Up will take place Wednesday, April 26. Take advantage of the great opportunity that the city and the Chamber of Commerce provide. If you are not able to…

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Wild Times: Be sure to aim a little low, Part I

We took several pictures of the Chamois. The backdrop for the photo session was phenomenal with the snow covered peaks rising up to meet the deep blue sky. We got…

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Minister Speaks: What must I do to be saved?

The question addressed by this article is the most important question that could be asked, and yet it would seem that the vast majority of the population has either never…

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