It was a long winter!

Finally, the cows and the bulls are out to grass! What a relief, for all involved. Anxiety levels rise as the hay pile gets shorter. Each year many cattlemen are…

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Brush control, unwanted tree seedlings

While contrasting in their appearance, buckbrush and roughleaf dogwood are two of the more common brush species in our pasture/range stands. Our ability to control their spread, however, is equally…

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Pressure canner testing, bread festival

Pressure Canners Now is the time to get dial gauges tested on pressure canners. Here are some reminders. Each of the Meadowlark Extension District Offices — Oskaloosa, Holton and Seneca…

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Children need more water when playing in the heat

With summer approaching, it is important to remember that children become dehydrated very quickly when playing in the heat. Children don’t tolerate heat as well as adults because their bodies…

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Prevented planting options in 2019 for Kansas corn growers

Submitted by Monte Vandeveer, Kansas State University Department of Agricultural Economics Wet conditions the past few weeks have slowed planting progress for Kansas corn producers. The May 20 Crop Progress…

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Wild Times: Does your rifle bite? Part two

All large caliber rifles have one thing in common. They all will pound you with the recoil. Before we go any further, you need to know that all firearms recoil…

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Minister Speaks: Living by our ears

Being a Christian is hard sometimes. The world around us it seems is in constant turmoil for one reason or another. And that’s nothing new. Every age has had its…

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Does your rifle bite? Part 1

I am not sure where the rifle came from. The gun belonged to my father and I happened to come upon it. It was a 7mm Remington Magnum. I don’t…

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Minister Speaks: What matters most

I find that what matters most to me at any given moment is what drives my decisions, actions and even attitudes. It is easy to say what matters most to…

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Stop summer slide – visit a library!

In small towns, most kids who choose to participate in sports do not specialize in a certain sport. Right now in USD No. 113 communities, youth softball and baseball coaches…

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Sheriff warns of door-to-door scammers

I have had several concerns from county residents lately regarding individuals going door-to-door in our area. One resident told me that they were approached by an out of area painting…

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Blue Zones for cows

I heard on the radio the National Geographic story of the Blue Zones. Blue Zones are places where there are more Centenarians (people living to be 100 years or more)….

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As you graduate…paying for college

May is the time of year when we think about all of the local high schools having graduation ceremonies for our area’s best and brightest. We wish all of our…

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Sheriff gives budget update

Ihave good news for county residents. The Kansas Highway Patrol (KHP) has advised me that I-29 is now open for travel in Missouri. This should help alleviate most of the…

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Wild Times: It won’t be long!

About a week and a half ago, I was able to secure a ride in a boat on the Sabetha Pony Creek Lake. It was a beautiful Saturday afternoon with…

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