Tips for a healthy vacation

Planning your next vacation? While having fun in the sun, consider these tips to make sure your trip is a healthy one. Thinking about getting a “healthy tan” over vacation?…

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These block fitness results

There are many complex reasons that make fat loss a challenge, reasons that go deeper than simply calories-in versus calories-out. I’m talking about the life issues that get in the…

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Minister Speaks: Vacation

Vacations are great! Vacations are necessary! Vacations are essential for our physical, emotional and spiritual health. The Lord knows that the majority of Americans work too hard and labor too…

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How to pick a ripe melon

Telling when a melon is ready to be harvested can be a challenge, or it may be quite easy. It all depends on the type of melon. Let’s start with…

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Hornworms on tomatoes

Hornworms are the largest larval insect commonly seen in the garden. Though usually seen on the tomato, they can also attack eggplant, pepper, and potato. The larval stage of this…

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Wild Times: Who needs an alarm clock?

This morning the alarm went off at 5:30 a.m. I groaned and rolled over to my back and stared at the rotating ceiling fan. It was barely light out. I…

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Here’s how to achieve that goal

Do you have unmet goals? If so, you aren’t alone. Most people live with unfulfilled aspirations. Unfortunately, many widely used self-help techniques fail to deliver results. Case in point: You’ve…

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Minister Speaks: Everlasting Freedom

On July 4th every year, we celebrate freedom from the tyranny of the king which was declared by our founding fathers more than 200 years ago. But long before the…

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Melons, pectin and hot peppers

It’s Melon Season! Summer and fresh, juicy melons are a perfect match! Whether you grow them or buy from somewhere else, handling and prepping them safely at home is important….

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In our DNA

County Fairs are part of our Extension DNA. My coworker, Cara Robinson, happened across some history on the Jackson County Fair that was too good not to share. Special thanks…

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Prepare for new Medicare cards coming soon

If you haven’t already heard or read, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) will be issuing new cards to beneficiaries. The card will have a new Medicare Number…

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