Postsecondary career and education decisions

In a recent conversation with a parent, I learned that her child and fiancé both have a compiled college student loan debt of more than $100,000. These individuals have both…

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Wild Times: Simple tools to do it right

Over the years, I have mounted my fair share of scopes on my rifles. There were several guys in town who would have gladly done the job for me, but…

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Spotting charity fraud

Many of us donate to charities we care about. But, I’ll bet almost everyone has gotten solicited by charities – real ones and fake ones – to give money. We…

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‘Sunshine on My Shoulder’

You all remember that John Denver song? “Sunshine on My Shoulder, makes me happy!” I think we could all use some of that right now. I got to see John…

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Fruit trees may be pruned now

This time of year is a good time to think about pruning fruit trees. The pruning can be done in February or March. Pruning when temperatures are below 20 degrees…

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Tomato trials

It won’t be long! Tomato season is (just about) upon us! One of the projects that Kansas Master Gardeners do on an annual basis is evaluate tomato varieties. They do…

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Mindful tips to improve your eating habits

The new year is well underway. Now is a great time to be mindful of our eating habits. Being aware of what we eat, and how much, is the first…

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Ancestor Trail: Part IV, The Colorado Gold Rush Bust

With the help created by the persuasive headlines and stories of the newspapers all east of the Mississippi River then westward to Kansas City, the American people had once again…

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A cough or a sneeze can spread disease

A cough or a sneeze can spread disease so protect yourself and others from the flu. At the peak of cold and flu season, the number of reports has increased in…

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Managing costs – N Fertilizer

A recent Kansas State University analysis compared farms based on returns over total costs, separating the returns into the high one third, medium one third and low one third categories. What…

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Avoiding the post-holiday blues for next year

Whether holiday spending went overboard or stayed in budget, it’s time to start preparing for next December, according to financial planning faculty at Kansas State University. We’ve just finished all…

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Wild Times: I felt the sting!

About once a year, I will run into either a bumblebee or a nest of wasps. Usually the outcome of those encounters works in the favor of the flying insects….

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Ag is the bread and butter

Sometimes it seems like agriculture is overlooked in its overall importance to the economy. We are only 2 percent of the population, just a small piece of the pie, and…

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One of the rewards of working in the field of education is that teachers have the opportunity to leave a legacy in the lives of their students. At the end…

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Reset routines

The New Year is a great time to reset your cleaning routines and put some new organizational systems in place. Here are some cleaning resolutions to consider: Make it a…

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