Spring cleaning for your freezer

If you freeze garden produce in the summer and fall, spring is a great time to clean out your freezer to get ready to store the upcoming season’s harvest. If…

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Things to do when money is short

Here are some things to think about when money is short. • Think about things you have been spending money on that you can do without — movies, magazines, music,…

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Want to shape up for summer? Eat at home.

In today’s fast paced world we consume over 30% of our daily calories away from home. These less-than-wholesome calories are accumulating around our waists and draining our bank accounts. So…

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Why do we do what we do the way we do?

I was watching some men play cribbage one evening. I’d never played the game and the more I watched, the more confused I became. Finally I asked one of the…

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Wild Times: Pass it on

I was doing some reading the other night and I came across an article in the American Hunter magazine. In case you are wondering that is one of the magazines…

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Part I: The History Of The Nemaha Cooperative Creamery

The idea of establishing a cooperative creamery in Nemaha County was conceived and developed in the mid 1920s by men who were not satisfied with the prevailing methods of handling…

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