Bull buying season

You can tell it’s that time of year, to buy a bull, when your mailbox is filled up with sale catalogs. For decades, we have been collecting performance data on…

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How low should you go?

Ample rain has arrived and once temperatures get back a little closer to normal, grass is going to take off and take off quickly.  In some cases, it takes off…

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Money saving tips

The rising cost of monthly expenses makes it challenging to save these days. Implement these tips: • Eat from your pantry and freezer. Take an inventory of what foods you…

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Proper timing for crabgrass preventers

Crabgrass preventers are another name for preemergence herbicides that prevent crabgrass seeds from developing into mature plants. Many people have a somewhat foggy idea of how they work. They do…

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Ancestor Trail – Part XVI: The Continuation Of The Whitman Mission Route Lost Diary Entries

Saturday, August 20, 1836 Last night I put my clothes in water and this morning finished washing before breakfast. This the third time I have washed since I left home……

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Minister Speaks: True Christianity is truly unique

It has been a long time since I first came over the hill in 1984 and saw the Dairy Queen of Sabetha! Back then, I was working with the youth…

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Lights out! Mini challenge from Walk Kansas

The eight week Walk Kansas program has begun in the Meadowlark District with 40 teams. This year there are weekly mini-challenges that are simple, although maybe not that easy to…

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Dairy farming noble tradition

Kansas is one of the fastest growing dairy regions in the U.S. in terms of milk production, due to a variety of factors like an ideal climate, land availability and…

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Wild Times: He will stop eventually, Part II

Bernard asked, “Do you know how fortunate Brian was to have taken that Chamois on the first day?” I just looked at him knowing an explanation would soon follow. Bernard…

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Solutions focus

There are many similarities and differences between the field of education and that of the private sector. One similarity is that employee complaints without having a focus on finding solutions…

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Soybean fertility considerations

Soybeans are a great fit for our eastern Kansas crop rotations for a number of reasons. One of those reasons is their ability to fix their own nitrogen, subsequently reducing…

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What is the Mediterranean Diet?

There’s some confusion about what the Mediterranean Diet really is. It has been criticized for giving the public a seemingly free license to overindulge on endless amounts of olive oil,…

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Wild Times: He will stop eventually, Part 1

We were now halfway done with the hunt. We had been very fortunate up to this point. On the day we pursued the Red Stag we had a beautiful day…

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Neighbor-2-Neighbor: the ‘Susie’ that every town needs

A 9-year-old boy is sitting at his desk and suddenly, there is a puddle between his feet and the front of his pants are wet. He thinks his heart is…

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Cut down and destroy dead pines

Cut down and destroy dead pines Got dead pine trees? If you are in the eastern half of Kansas, they probably died of pine wilt, a disease that is widespread…

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