Cattle temperament

I read a story about a Kansas veterinarian who died as a result from injuries from a bull attack. A couple of elderly brothers in Iowa, ages 84 and 79,…

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Planting trees? Start them off right!

The right tree in the right spot is typically the focus of most tree planting programs. Finding what works for our intended purpose and then making sure we have it…

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Focus on your health for the New Year

Beginning the new year means weight loss resolutions for many people. Colorado State University estimated that 50 million Americans go on a diet each year. However, they also estimated that…

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The road less traveled – The Romans Road

The well known early 20th century poet Robert Frost penned the poem, “The Road Less Taken.” The last three lines are particularly applicable to the Romans Road known to many…

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Body condition scoring beef cows

Cattlemen need to be vigilant to the condition in which our cows go into calving. If cows are thin at calving time, there will be reductions in quality and quantity…

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Read the news!

Newspapers fuel the power of the people. While the newspaper alone does not have the power to change the minds of those in power or affect the consideration — or…

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What should you know about taking RMDs?

As we get older, the end of another year takes on greater meaning, in many ways, than it did when we were young. And if you’re a certain age, Dec….

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Wild Times: Pair them up!

Last week, I discussed the joy of plinking with .22 caliber firearms. As much as I enjoy the thrill of hunting, I would say I have had more good times…

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New food trends

At the start of each new year, a borage of food trends sweep in carrying broad promises of saving or restoring one’s health with little to no effort. Some that…

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Prescribed burn planning

With snow on the ground and feeding or calving taking the majority of your time, planning for a prescribed burn is probably the last thing on your mind! That’s understandable…

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Baby calves and snow!

Recently, a producer called to tell of the success he had noticed in using a warm water bath to revive newborn calves, which had been severely cold stressed. A quick…

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Creating consistency

We had a nice surprise at Christmas time, a visit from our grandson who was born in September, oh, and his parents. Being a first time grandparent has sparked my…

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Eating better on a budget for the New Year

Looking for a New Year’s resolution that will help cut costs and put money back in your pocket? If so, consider taking a look at your food budget as a…

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How do the reindeer do it?

Have you ever read something, and thought, “I wish I would have thought of that?” Such was the case when fellow agent Ray Ladd, in Atchison County shared this article….

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State of USD No. 113

As we begin calendar year 2017, this is an ideal time to examine our school district. The Board of Education has worked diligently to provide district stability. Because of consolidation…

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