Surveys Climate and Culture

The new vision for education in the state of Kansas will help continue to move USD No. 113 in a positive direction. Much of the emphasis for the new accreditation…

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Help those in need

With the threat of winter weather coming as early as next weekend, we all should be reminded of those less fortunate than we are and try to make their lives…

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‘Haters gonna hate’

Thirty-two years ago, my mother made a baptismal gown for my oldest son. She spent three months laboring over this family heirloom. It is a beautiful piece of art. Well,…

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Cover crop research at Kansas State

The 2017 Kansas State University (KSU) Agronomy Field Day will be held on Friday, Nov. 3, at the Ashland Bottoms Research Farm, 2801 W. 40th Avenue in Manhattan. This year’s…

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Can I use raw sugar in baking?

Tis the season for baking and with that comes questions like, “Can I use raw sugar in baking?” Raw sugar is a trendy sweetener found in many specialty food stores….

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Sabetha: A great place to live and work

“You have a great town. You’ve done many things that will keep it vibrant and attractive,” said Mark P. Johnson, Honors program course instructor at Kansas University (KU) after a…

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Food safety myths and facts

Right now, there may be an invisible enemy ready to strike. He’s called bacteria and he can make people sick. Even though consumers can’t see bacteria or smell him, or…

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Put the farm to bed

It’s that time of year — time to put the farm to bed. Many tasks need to be done before the snow flies! One of those tasks is to mulch…

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Fall chores

Gardening isn’t just a spring time effort. Neither is work on our lawn and landscape. In fact, getting some work done now can actually help reduce the spring time load….

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Preserving venison, baking sweet potatoes

Preserving venison Wild game provides wholesome, nourishing food, but food safety is key for preserving the meat. To retain the quality of meat, it is important to handle and preserve…

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Never miss a Monday. Here’s why…

Mondays matter more than any other day of the week. This is because your actions on Monday set the tone for your entire week. Start out on the wrong foot and it…

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Was that a woodcock or a snipe?

Fall is upon us! The temperature has begun to gradually cool down and the past few days the rain has returned to this part of the country. It is a…

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Minister Speaks: Seeing Jesus only

We have been going through the Book of Matthew and came to chapter 17 where Elijah and Moses appear with a bright Jesus. At the end of this event there…

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Tips for parent-teacher conferences

Parent-teacher conferences are a special opportunity for communication to occur between parents and the school. It is important to recognize that teachers and parents have the same goal. We all…

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Don’t be fooled

Yesterday morning I was in line for coffee with a friend when I noticed the “healthy” pop tarts on display. The packaging was deceptive to give it a wholesome look…

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