Livestock grazing in the fall, spring

This time of year finds your local Extension agents in a flood of paperwork. Paperwork that must be done on the computer, which isn’t always reliable. After typing in two…

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Turf height before winter, corn gluten meal as herbicide

Letting turf grow tall before winter On the surface, allowing turfgrass mowing heights to exceed typically recommended heights before winter sets in might seem reasonable. The thinking typically is that…

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Spinach and kidney stones

Spinach is a nutritious and economically important vegetable in our diet. But, many varieties contain high amounts of oxalate, a natural compound in the plant, that can lead to kidney…

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Minister Speaks: The Forever Kingdom

We sat on the stone seats of the amphitheater in Caesarea. The audience would have looked out into the Mediterranean as the performers acted out their plays. To the north…

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Ancestor Trail – Part VI: The Colorado Gold Rush Bust

The adverse effects that the Panic of 1857 had on all Americans, as well as Europeans had been deeply embedded into their hopes for the future. By the Fall of…

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Soil sampling

Whether you’re talking a small garden, a large lawn, or even larger production agriculture acreages, soil fertility is a huge key in maintaining production levels. Nutrient deficiencies not only reduce…

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Prevent falls and fractures

Many things can cause a fall. Your eyesight, hearing and reflexes might not be as sharp as they were when you were younger. Diabetes, heart disease or problems with your…

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Know cover crops before grazing

Last year, released from Kansas State University Ag Experiment Station and Cooperative Extension Service is a publication that details which cover crops are poisonous to livestock or those that can…

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This helped my clients

I have a message for you today that has the potential to help you break through to your fitness goal. It’s something that I like to share with my most…

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Minister Speaks: Love and marriage

I think many folks my age (Baby Boomers) can recall a musical number from the 50s and 60s entitled “Love and Marriage.” I can remember a few of the lyrics,…

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