Guest Editorial: Check your flood insurance plan

After the flood damage in the Manhattan area earlier this week, I’ve heard numerous reports on the local and regional news broadcasts that very few of those affected in the…

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Guest Editorial: The inherent risk of sport specialization

One of the responsibilities that parents take most seriously is protecting their children from injury, whether it is buckling seat belts in a car or wearing a helmet while riding…

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It’s not just another 5K – Tara Ploeger Memorial

Do you remember your best friends growing up? The girls or boys you did everything with for a part of your life. The ones whose parents were your second parents…

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Guest Editorial: The truth about sports scholarships

Many parents are trying to live the dream through their sons and daughters – the dream of landing a college athletic scholarship by specializing in a sport year-round. Unfortunately, most…

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Guest Editorial: Mental Health Awareness or Gun Control?

It’s a gut-wrenching feeling to hear about every new mass shooting. The 2018 Valentine’s Day shooting in Florida happened so quickly following back-to-back shootings in Texas and Kentucky in late…

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Editorial: US-75 riddled with dangers

We’ve all been saying it for years — maybe at the water cooler, maybe at coffee with friends. But it needs to be said to those who control whether or…

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Herald Editorial: Community of Love

It really should have come as no surprise to us, the way in which communities in the area and even well outside the area stepped out in support of our…

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