Editorial: US-75 riddled with dangers

We’ve all been saying it for years — maybe at the water cooler, maybe at coffee with friends. But it needs to be said to those who control whether or…

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Herald Editorial: Community of Love

It really should have come as no surprise to us, the way in which communities in the area and even well outside the area stepped out in support of our…

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Herald Editorial: We are Family

“We are Family” is a slogan that the K-State football team adopted several years back. I have never looked into why this was used by the squad, but I assume…

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Kudos to USD No. 113

Did you know there was be a total solar eclipse happening next Monday, Aug. 21, here in Sabetha? Of course you have! It’s been the talk of the town for…

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Herald Editorial: Thoughtless

An overnight vandalism at Wetmore Academic Center has resulted in extensive damage that halted enrollment and might even push back the first day of school. The Nemaha County Sheriff reports…

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Herald Editorial: Now you see them, now you don’t!

Quite frankly, I am just a little perplexed right at the moment at the happenings within the walls of the White House. It has been six months now since Donald…

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Editorial: Back to the basics

Sometimes I am left just shaking my head after an encounter that should have gone seamlessly — but didn’t. I had one of these moments recently. I went to a…

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Editorial: Make America safe again?

During the last year, we often heard and saw the phrase “Make America Great Again” from the Donald Trump campaign and administration. Now, in light of what we have witnessed…

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Editorial: Agree to disagree?

You’ll see we have two letters to the editor in this week’s newspaper. You might not believe it, but we love receiving letters. Why? Because it allows our readers to…

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Herald Editorial: New or Notable

Sometimes there are just so many things flitting around in my head, I can’t stop to think about just one. I think I read something once that this is very…

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Editorial: Look before you lock

Summer is my favorite time of the year. I grew up in southwest Kansas where we usually experienced a dry heat, so it was different when I moved up here…

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You think you are scared!

Ever since the election last November, I have been reading and watching stories about how people across the nation — notably people on the east and west coasts — are…

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Editorial: We have a lot to do!

Summer is a time for fun in the sun, ice cream and water! The season of summer is in full swing – the ball fields are busy with games and…

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Guest Editorial: To Remember and to Honor

To Remember and to Honor What comes to your mind when I name the last Monday in May? In all honesty, I would not have been able to name the…

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We have a problem!

My wife and I traveled to Kansas City on Friday to spend the evening with her folks in order to celebrate the Mother’s Day holiday. Three of our four children…

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