Editorial: A season of busy

I surely am not alone in thinking that the month of May goes by in a blur. I’m sure your calendars are busy every day just like mine. For me,…

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Editorial: This is not a reflection of our community!

Last week, The Sabetha Herald was notified by the Sabetha Police Department that a crime had been committed at Sabetha High School. An individual or individuals illegally entered into the…

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Editorial: Differences are a good thing

This past weekend, my husband and I traveled to Denver to spend some time with family. If you don’t already know, the drive to Denver is a long one, approximately…

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It’s complicated

After attending hundreds and hundreds of government meetings over the course of a dozen years, I’ve come to realize two big things. The first things is… I’m getting old! I’m…

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Clean up time!

Rain, rain – finally going away and not coming again another day? Maybe, maybe not. The rain has been needed, but sometimes it can bring a dreary feeling with it….

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Editorial: Added sports prove beneficial

According to the National Federation of State and High School Associations (NFHS), participating in different sports and activities in high school has many benefits for students. Some of the benefits…

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Spring has arrived and with it…

Monday, March 20, signaled the end of the winter season! Other than a few cold snaps that blew through the area, we experienced a relatively mild winter. With the coming…

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Editorial: Kansans coming together

Being from southwest Kansas there are things that I miss, but the most important would be family. The majority of my husband’s and my family are in the southwest and…

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Editorial: Newspapers in Education

Newspapers in Education Week is March 6 through 10. In celebration of this week, The Sabetha Herald publishes a special supplement in which Sabetha Elementary School fifth grade students write…

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Why change it?

The weather teased us last week with temperatures in the 70s one day, and then two days later snow was falling. Despite mother nature’s confusion, consistent nice weather looms on…

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A weekend of kindness

The last issue of The Sabetha Herald featured many letters from people recognizing others that they come into contact with who have exhibited kindness. It has been really neat to…

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Challenge Accepted

Let’s help Sabetha Elementary School students start a chain reaction of kindness in our community! During the week of Feb. 13 through 17, SES students are embarking on a kindness…

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What can giving achieve?

In the past month, a few caring adults and a school full of kids have made a big difference. Where a few weeks ago the Sabetha Elementary School crossing guard…

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