Letter to the Editor: ‘Hillary’s America’ misrepresents Democrats

Dear Editor, Dinesh D’Souza says, “Beware racist Democrat super-villains.” Andrew Jackson was a “rapist,” and Woodrow Wilson, a “Klan lover.” Are you questioning the validity of this? You should. The…

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Letter to the Editor: Reader responds to Representative Randy Garber

Dear Editor, Someone needs to awaken Randy Garber, Kansas House Member District No. 62 and representative from Sabetha, and tell him that while he has been rewriting the history of…

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Letter to the Editor: Kindness Challenge Met

Dear Editor, I wish to commend the multi-county task force of health care professionals who worked together in coming to a speedy agreement which offers options for patients after the…

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Brant recalls ‘Community of Kindness’

Dear Editor, Acts of Kindness, where can they be found? Yes, right here in Sabetha, Kansas. How many would you guess happen daily, hourly and even minutes? For years when…

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Letter to the Editor: Digital devices could damage children’s eyesight

Dear Editor, I saw an article on CBS News about new research that finds school-aged kids who spent seven hours or more a week using computers or mobile video games…

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Letter to the Editor: ‘Tis the season

Dear Editor, It is the season to look forward to those X-mas goodies; from your government. Those wonderful tax breaks and those plentiful benefits that you are so deserving of;…

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Letter: Out-of-towner praises local medical care

Dear Editor, I want to write to the Sabetha community simply to either inform or remind its citizens of what a tremendous asset it has in its local hospital. Being…

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Hope for Alzheimer’s patients, families

Dear Editor, Is hope of reversing Alzheimer’s Disease possible? Betty and Gary Lortscher of Bern say “Yes!” On June 6, 1997, Betty’s brother, Dave, at the age of 65, died…

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Laughing out loud

Dear Editor, Thanks to our son and daughter-in-law who live in Sabetha, we get The Sabetha Herald in our mailbox each week. It is fun to be on the lookout…

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Elected councilman says thanks

Dear Editor, Recently there were city elections held for city and other boards. I guess a thank you should go out to the person whoever you are who took time…

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Spree winner says County Mart is best in 45-mile radius

Dear Editor, Wow, what an experience. In the last week, many people have stopped me with tenacious curiosity to ask how my five-minute shopping spree at Country Mart was. For…

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Letter to the Editor: Speech contest focuses on trees

Dear Editor, I recently wrote a speech for the Conservation District. Wow! Another speech to write. But wait – it was on trees! It was interesting. After I’d written the…

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Community generosity appreciated

We would like to take this opportunity to thank the many merchants and community patrons for their generosity and support of the Wetmore Council No. 10301 Knights of Columbus. Through…

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Veterans speak out: Your rights, our rights

Dear Editor, All of the undersigned have served our country in military service – some in harm’s way, some not; some voluntarily, some because of the draft – to preserve…

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Duo scheduled for preliminary hearings

The two teens who have been charged in connection with the vandalism at Wetmore Academic Center (WAC) appeared in court Tuesday, Oct. 10. Jarred Kramer, 18, of Netawaka and Jayme…

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