Sabetha Fire Department says ‘thanks’

Thank you! The Sabetha Fire Department wishes to thank the anonymous donor for the monetary contribution to the SFD. The entire department appreciates your generosity.

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Holiday safety tips from Brown County Sheriff

I’ve had many requests to provide another holiday safety message to the public, with issues concerning safety during the holiday season. Fact; crime increases more than 42 percent during the…

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Low-stress cattle handling techniques

I spent the better part of last week at the Range Beef Cow Symposium in Scotts Bluff County, Neb. It’s a very different kind of country out there. Driving through…

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Farm Bill resources

While the 2018 Farm Bill won’t be a great deal different than the last bill we worked with in 2014, the factors that led to your 2014 choices may be…

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Outsmart your cravings!

We all crave certain foods from time to time. The psychology behind cravings shows that hormones, memories and other triggers create a sensory signal of craving food. This intensifies with…

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Have a safe holiday or party buffets

A popular way to celebrate holidays or any party occasion is to invite friends and family to a buffet. However, this type of food service where foods are left out…

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Choosing Thanksgiving: an ‘Amen’ state of mind

Ask your own pastor on this, but in my opinion, one of the hardest sermons to write is a Thanksgiving sermon. A popular text is, of course, Jesus healing the…

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Letter to the Editor: Are you willing to live with the alternative?

Dear Editor, I believe it is time to take a step back and objectively consider the situation facing our towns and county. NextEra and Invenergy’s Special Attorney, Alan Claus Anderson,…

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Tips for managing life after retirement

The youngest baby boomers are about 55 years old, the oldest in their 70s. That means a whole lot of people are retiring every day in this country. I know…

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Thanksgiving is a time for families to be grateful. We often recognize the material gifts, but more importantly is the thankfulness that we feel for each other. As a school…

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Watch your step

Investing for retirement is like mountain climbing and flying airplanes. Surprisingly, the riskiest part of the journey isn’t the climb. It’s the descent. Austria, the central European country, is known…

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Who’s guarding the flock?

Predator management is an integral part of any sheep or goat enterprise. According to USDA statistics, predators — mostly coyotes and domestic dogs — accounted for 30 to 40 percent…

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Fall garden soil prep

When you look out the window in early November and see snow, it makes you think a bit about all the things you didn’t get done yet this fall. If…

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Tips for a food safe Thanksgiving

In the next few weeks, millions of Americans will gather family and friends around the dinner table to give thanks. But for those preparing the meal, it can be a…

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Man’s view versus God’s view of the church

Man’s view of the church is basically outward and physical. Man views the church in regard to what he can see — the size of its building, the size of…

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