The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

The year 2017 has been all of the above. The good: times with family and friends, welcoming a new grandson into the world and surprisingly better than expected calf prices….

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Using expired yeast for bread

Bread yeast is a living organism. Over time, it loses its potency and ability to make dough rise. Yeast packaging has an expiration date and it is best to use…

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Wild Times: A trip to forget, Part IV

We were now staring down day six of the 10-day hunt. We had not even unpacked our rifles out of the carrying cases yet! The winds were still gusting at…

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Letter to the Editor: ‘Tis the season

Dear Editor, It is the season to look forward to those X-mas goodies; from your government. Those wonderful tax breaks and those plentiful benefits that you are so deserving of;…

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Editorial: US-75 riddled with dangers

We’ve all been saying it for years — maybe at the water cooler, maybe at coffee with friends. But it needs to be said to those who control whether or…

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School redesign

This is the third segment of a three-part series of articles about the Kansas State Department of Education’s “Kansans Can” vision and the initiative to re-design schools. The Kansas State…

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Tips on home security

Protecting your home and family from criminal intrusion should be a top priority for county residents. The most common criminal threat to our homes is burglary. The most recent statistics…

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Blood Drive Chair says Thanks!

Thank You! I would like to give a big thank you to all of the individuals who gave the gift of life in 2017 by donating blood. Four hundred and…

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Wild Times: A trip to forget, Part III

The three of us popped up the next morning ready to fly back into the hunting concession. We met our guide in the lobby and headed for breakfast. It was…

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Be sure homemade gifts are safe to eat

You look at the pretty relish, salsa or preserve in the glass jar your friend or co-worker gave you. Then the wondering begins. Is the canned food gift safe to…

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Healthy cattle

It is amazing how different the years can be. Last year, I had some of my Christmas stuff done in September. Here it is 10 days before Christmas, and I…

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Care of Christmas plants

For a holiday held in winter, Christmas has traditionally been a time when we celebrate around a plant (Christmas tree) and give plants as gifts (poinsettia, etc.). Fortunately, many of…

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Eggnog food safety

I am not trying to be a Scrooge, but I have issues with eggnog. Traditionally, eggnog is made by combining raw eggs with milk or cream, sugar and flavorings. Let…

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Make a bowl of fitness soup

During cold winter months, soup is quite possibly the perfect dinner. It’s comforting, simple, and easily modified to fit your taste and the contents of your fridge. Making soup from…

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Christmas anticipation

Growing up in Nebraska, my family had an interesting tradition at Christmas. This was not a tradition that we chose as kids. Presents would begin to appear under the tree…

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