What is pearled barley?

Barley is used in salads, soups or in place of rice. Pearled barley is commonly found in grocery stores. But what is pearled barley? When barley is polished, or “pearled,”…

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Apple Trees: What to do when they’re overgrown

It would be nice if fruit trees produced consistently every year without effort – but they don’t. In fact, our care has a lot to do with fruit production. This…

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Letter to the Editor: Kindness Challenge Met

Dear Editor, I wish to commend the multi-county task force of health care professionals who worked together in coming to a speedy agreement which offers options for patients after the…

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Minister Speaks: Letting your light shine

Today, for the first time in a long while, I saw something on television that both encouraged and inspired me. It was a brief article on one of the major…

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Potato Storage, Planting Calendar

Preventing potatoes from sprouting in storage Home gardeners have had to rely on proper storage conditions (cool and moist) to prevent potatoes from sprouting. But sprouting will eventually occur even…

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Ancestor Trail: The Colorado Gold Rush Bust, Part VII

Council Bluffs, Omaha, Plattsmouth, Nebraska City and St. Joseph were the closest to the northern route following the Platte River, which was considered to be the safest and most tested…

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