Forget your weight. Do this instead

How would you like to get rid of your bathroom scale? To never again subject yourself to the angst and humiliation of stepping on and waiting for the number-that-will-determine-your-self-esteem to…

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A culture of winners

The world of sports provides many analogies for life. The recipe for success is very similar for both. Preparation, effort, attitude and energy will dictate success or failure. I have…

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Keeping your cool doing summer chores

The American Cleaning Institute offers sustainability tips for getting those daily chores done without heating up your home and adding stress to your air conditioner and wallet. First rule of…

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Talking tomatoes

Because tomatoes are a mainstay of many home gardens, it’s tough to take when they seem to be going backwards this time of year, or not producing as we’d hoped!…

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What freedom means to me

Dear Editor, To me, freedom means the right to practice my religion without fetters and without being accused of hate, praying quietly in public if it does not interfere with…

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An enjoyable evening

Dear Editor: Family Fun Night at Somerset Park was a perfect setting for all to enjoy. There were various family activities, games, plenty to eat, and watch all of the…

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Summer eating

Let me share with you about grilling vegetables, pickling eggs and fruit cobbler! Grilling Vegetables While you have the grill hot for the main dish, throw on some vegetables to…

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Editorial: Agree to disagree?

You’ll see we have two letters to the editor in this week’s newspaper. You might not believe it, but we love receiving letters. Why? Because it allows our readers to…

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Chase away those summertime blues

The first day of summer has come and gone. We now have several months before the fall season descends upon us. The current season we are now experiencing is not…

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