Kindness: Loretta Buser

Dear Editor, There were many people who crossed my mind as I thought about who to talk about for the Great Kindness Challenge. Sabetha is blessed with an abundance of…

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Kindness Letter: Regina Klein

Reader appreciates elderly services Sabetha offers Dear Editor, I enjoyed your piece on Kindness in the last issue of your paper. I am a fairly recent resident of Sabetha (August…

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Kindness Letter: Kara Georg & Family

Sabetha Family Practice Dear Editor, In thinking about the Sabetha Community, and those who continually show kindness to myself and my family, I quickly thought of Nurse Tiffany Baumgartner LPN…

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Deep clean in the deep freeze

With the cold weather outside, it’s a good time to clean the freezer. It’s important to keep the freezer clean of frost and food debris. Here are some tips from…

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Just the facts on EPDs

When I grew up, there were some taboo subjects for mixed company, mostly politics and religion. It just wasn’t a good idea to express your opinion on either. Today, with…

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The Pyle File

The events of the legislature started slowly this session. With so many new legislators entering public service there is much to do to get up to speed. Legislators and citizens…

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Weed control meetings

It goes without saying that a weed allowed to compete with a growing crop is going to affect yield. How much? A 2008 Iowa State study in corn under heavy…

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Peach leaf curl, scale insects

Peach leaf curl If you have ever seen emerging peach leaves that are puckered, swollen, distorted and reddish-green color, you have seen peach leaf curl. Uncontrolled, this disease can severely…

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Challenge Accepted

Let’s help Sabetha Elementary School students start a chain reaction of kindness in our community! During the week of Feb. 13 through 17, SES students are embarking on a kindness…

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Arnold family says thanks

Thank you! We would like to thank all of you for your thoughts and prayers, your kind deeds, your help with food and gifts, your words of encouragement and comfort,…

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Baileyville Benefit Committee offers thanks

THANK YOU!!  THANK YOU!!   THANK YOU!! The Baileyville Benefit Committee would like to thank the following for making the 2017 Baileyville Benefit Tournament such an overwhelming success! •Businesses and…

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Healthy living

As you age, your food needs change. You may need fewer calories. Your body may not be able to absorb all the nutrients from food. To get the nutrients you…

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2017 KSU Chemical Weed Control Guide

A seven year Weed Science Society of America study indicated that if weeds were left to grow without implementation of any control measures, we would lose almost half our yield. K-State…

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Staying healthy during cold and flu season

How are you feeling today? I hope you are feeling well and that you will enjoy a winter without having a cold or the flu. Unfortunately, I am not feeling…

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Wild Times: You go with Bernard!

You go with Bernard! It had taken several years of planning and waiting before the trip finally rolled around. There were three of us involved in this little hunting adventure….

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