Photo from Yesteryear

Before the Firestone Tire Store located at this corner which is where Wenger Manufacturing built, the northeast corner of Sabetha’s Main and Eighth Streets was the location of the J.C.... Read More

Memories 8.15.2018

125 Years Ago Friday, August 18, 1893 The Seneca Courier-Democrat has discovered that our assessment is a thing of inconsistency and an altogether luminous example of injustice and inequality. After…

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Memories 8.8.2018

125 Years ago Friday, August 11, 1893 A good many grasshoppers are to be seen these days and some damage by them is reported. They are not the red-legged variety,…

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Memories 8.1.18

125 Years ago Friday, August 4, 1893 A Sabetha sign advertises “confectionary” for sale. This is equal to the placard which gives the warning of “No Smokeing Allowed.” “Dress Makeing”…

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Memories 7.25.2018

125 Years ago Friday, July 28, 1893 The agreement of all Sabetha merchants to close their places of business promptly at 8 o’clock every evening except Saturdays went into effect…

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Old Albany Days: Dry times in Kansas, Part I

Submitted by Travis McCoy The creek is dry and showing its muddy bed only in the lowest spots as the hot July sun reaches out with its warm fingers of…

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Sabetha’s Lover’s Lane

Although everyone back in the early days knew where they were, there were no road and street signs. For it to be a good lover’s lane, it had to be... Read More

Memories 7.18.2018

125 Years Ago Friday, July 21, 1893 The Courier-Democrat has discovered a small mare’s nest in the letting of contracts for building bridges in the county. From the exceedingly mild…

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Memories 7.11.2018

125 Years ago Friday, July 14, 1893 “I can’t see the blackboard and it makes my head ache to study,” are complaints of children whose eyes should be corrected by…

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Sabetha Fourth of July memories of past years


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Memories 7.4.2018

125 Years ago Friday, July 7, 1893 A law suit last Friday between I Ferguson and John Coleman for the possession of a mowing machine, resulted in a draw, the…

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Dr. Elmer E. Hinton medical bag on display at Bancroft Depot Museum

By Eileen Porter Elmer E. Hinton was born on May 12, 1912, at Hamlin in Brown County, to father James D. Hinton (born 1875, died 1941) and mother Lula Alberta…

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Memories: June 27, 2018

125 Years ago Friday, June 30, 1893 Persons wanting ice cream for parties, picnics, etc., will find it to their advantage to call at the Star Bakery. Prices reasonable. None…

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Memories: June 20, 2018

125 Years ago Friday, June 24, 1893 Our exchanges for the past few weeks have been teeming with long winded editorials on the business situation. We could easily spare the…

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Memories 6.13.2018

125 Years ago Friday, June 16, 1893 Rudolph Myers received a telegram Tuesday conveying the sad intelligence that his son who lived at Hampton, Ia., had accidentally shot and killed…

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