Memories 9.6.2017

125 Years Ago Friday, September 2, 1892 A Warning – Sunday afternoon, Aug. 28th, the seals on two cars at this station were broken and cars opened. This is a…

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Memories 8.30.17

125 Years Ago Friday, August 26, 1892 The farmers of southern Kansas are getting their names in the papers. Some of them have destroyed the most costly bit of mill…

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Memories 8.23.2017

125 Years Ago Friday August 19, 1892 The best rain this vicinity had enjoyed for several weeks came last Saturday. The rainfall in the town could not have been much…

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Photos from Yesteryear: WWII doctor billets in United Kingdom

During WWII, Dr. Martin (Mart) Rucker was billeted with Mrs. Margaret Bayliss in Dursley, Gloucestershire. Captain Rucker had been in England with the Medical Corps. When looking through his late…

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Memories 8.16.2017

125 Years Ago Friday, August 12, 1892 The editor of the Kansas City Journal says that the old farmers say that this hot weather is hardening the corn beautifully and…

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Memories 8.9.2017

125 Years Ago Friday, August 5, 1892 It was not Jerry Simpson who was hanged up by the thumbs for hurrahing for the would be assassin of Mr. Frick. The…

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