Today is a big deal

You woke up this morning and began making choices. You chose whether or not to exercise, to eat a healthy breakfast, or to do something productive. You chose whether or…

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Wild Times: Two Blue Rivers make one

I have always had this fascination with rivers. There is something about floating down a river that is soothing to the soul. To put out a canoe on a river…

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Homemade play dough safety

If you or someone you know makes homemade play dough, it is important to remember that flour is a raw food and has been linked to serious food safety problems….

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Computers: love/hate relationship

A near scare of a wiped out laptop was not how I wanted to spend my day! I was in mourning over the one report that was due, not knowing…

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Fruit tree pruning ‘primer’

When it comes to pruning, fruit trees are not created equal. For all fruit trees, however, late winter is the time to start thinking about pruning in advance of the…

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February is Bake for Family Fun Month

February is known for several things, but did you know that it is also designated as Bake for Family Fun Month by the Home Baking Association? Build new traditions by…

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Purchasing high quality forage seed

Successful forage production and establishment begins with purchasing high quality seed. Quality of forage seed sold in the market varies, so it is important to understand how to evaluate and…

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Experience the joy of Christian life

In his book, Trying to Be Good: A Book on Doing for Thinking People, Thomas Schmidt tells when he began the practice of visiting shut-ins in nursing homes, in an…

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