Letter: Lawmakers should support Medicaid Expansion

Dear Editor, Rural Kansas health care providers are in a financial crisis. One of the key factors contributing to this crisis is our state’s failure to expand KanCare, the Kansas…

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Letter: Re: Reader opposes Representative Garber’s bills

Letter: Re: Reader opposes Representative Garber’s bills Dear Editor, In a recent letter to the editor, Jolene Bloom described Rep. Randy Garber as someone who inflicts his personal morality on others,…

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Morrill Township Board has concerns about Sabetha’s proposed zoning

Dear Editor, As members of the Morrill Township Board, we have deep concerns about the long-term effects that the proposed zoning will have on our community. We petition that this…

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Letter to the Editor: Re: Reader opposes Representative Garber’s Bills

Dear Editor, After carefully reading both HB 2320 and HB 2321, I must say that I agree with both of them. Since the Democratic Convention of 1968, we have been…

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Letter to the Editor: Reader opposes Representative Garber’s Bills

Dear Editor, Kansas Representative Randy Garber, Sabetha, continues to inflict his personal morality with his HBs 2320 and 2321. Republicans like him have denied growth through “Brownback’s experiment” which led…

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Letter: Sabetha hospital, clinic maintain viability

Sabetha hospital, clinic maintain viability Dear Editor, We, as the Hospital Board, thought it would be important to dispel any myths there might be in regard to the viability of…

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Letter: Contact representatives, regulate wind energy

Dear Editor, As many of you are aware, there are multiple industrial wind companies looking to make Nemaha and Brown Counties long-term wind farms by putting nearly 500 industrial sized…

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Letter: Take pride, protect county from industrial wind turbines

Dear Editor, I was born and raised 850 miles from Nemaha County. I moved here in 2012 when my husband and I were married. From the start, I noticed the…

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Letter: Don’t accept what they’re offering you

Dear Editor, Love Nemaha County. Just slow down (landowners) don’t accept the pittance they (windmill purveyors) will offer you for a lease that excludes you for perhaps 50 years with…

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Letter: Place limits on congressmen

Dear Editor, 1) Term Limits: I am aware there are pluses and minuses to term limits but Congressional service was never intended to be a career profession. The intent was…

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Letter: Loose dogs are issue

Dear Editor, My name is Jonathon Kilhoffer and my wife and I moved to Sabetha five years ago to work for Wenger. Since moving here, we have found a great…

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Patron appreciates Community Thanksgiving dinner

Dear Editor, My family and I are thankful for the ones who prepared the Community Thanksgiving dinner. It was delicious. We also appreciate the courteous man and his children who…

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