Letter to the Editor: Serving our neighbors

Dear Editor, Who is my neighbor? That’s the question which the Lawyer asked of Jesus, seeking to justify himself (Luke 10:29). And in response, Jesus preaches to us the parable…

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Letter to the Editor: Standing behind Trump?

Dear Editor, Are Christians still standing behind Trump and the GOP? Are they even watching? The Washington Post reported today (April 28) that the House Speaker, Paul Ryan, had forced…

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Letter to the Editor: Do not raise my taxes

Dear Editor, You have to be very skeptical when someone writes in the Topeka Capital Journal, “Please, I beg you, raise my taxes.” I say, “Please, I beg you, do…

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Reader encourages citizens to attend meetings

Dear Editor: School shootings, teenage suicides and continual drug busts, what is happening to our American society? Are stronger locks and armed guards going to be the answer to school…

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Letter to the Editor: Reader says Morrill City Council rejects ‘tiny homes’

Dear Editor, I find it hard to believe that a town as small as Morrill would reject the use of “tiny homes” and require that a single, disabled man instead…

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Letter to the Editor: Good people, bad decisions

Dear Editor, My 10 years in law enforcement has taught me many things. A question I get from time to time is this: What is the biggest factor in why…

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Letter to the Editor: Reader questions President’s behavior

Dear Editor, Imagine a child on the playground who bullies his classmates, who lies, who makes up names to belittle or publicly humiliate them, who throws temper tantrums, or attacks…

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Letter to the Editor: ‘Hillary’s America’ misrepresents Democrats

Dear Editor, Dinesh D’Souza says, “Beware racist Democrat super-villains.” Andrew Jackson was a “rapist,” and Woodrow Wilson, a “Klan lover.” Are you questioning the validity of this? You should. The…

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Letter to the Editor: Reader responds to Representative Randy Garber

Dear Editor, Someone needs to awaken Randy Garber, Kansas House Member District No. 62 and representative from Sabetha, and tell him that while he has been rewriting the history of…

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Letter to the Editor: Kindness Challenge Met

Dear Editor, I wish to commend the multi-county task force of health care professionals who worked together in coming to a speedy agreement which offers options for patients after the…

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Brant recalls ‘Community of Kindness’

Dear Editor, Acts of Kindness, where can they be found? Yes, right here in Sabetha, Kansas. How many would you guess happen daily, hourly and even minutes? For years when…

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Letter to the Editor: Digital devices could damage children’s eyesight

Dear Editor, I saw an article on CBS News about new research that finds school-aged kids who spent seven hours or more a week using computers or mobile video games…

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